Sample Story No.2 :Travel in Europe (cont.)

Adventures Around Europe (continued)

(Much of this story is based on a real life experience of myself as a college student studying medicine when 18 years - 20 years living in London, some of it is however merely fiction).

I walked back that night alone from the pub. I could recall playing John, the stockbroker with a game of darts in the pub. Vinod my college mate, was also a friendly Indian boy and he was a very agreeable, open, and an interesting person to talk to. I would study at college and do part-time work in the city where time permitted.
Darts had been a favorite sport of mine, and it reminded me of a story I had read about darts being played on the Mayflower ship that the pilgrim fathers sailed who discovered America.
I walked back that eerie night in the darkness, and took the underground train swiftly back to my place in South Kensington, London.
'My dear,' I thought to myself,' I am really ever so tired, so much so that I need a rest.'
I looked at my watch. The time was 3 am in the morning, and I had studied hard reading my college lectures.

I had also been busy reading some Sherlock Holmes crime novels that I had purchased the magazine originals from The Strand, which was near Trafalgar Square in London.
I had always been interested in Sherlock Holmes novels, as they had always intrigued me. The whodunnit crime & murder scene did perplex me.
Sherlock Holmes seemed such an amazing, smart and intellectual, detective whose ability and skills were dynamic, great and baffling.
Once I reached my college flat, and entered my room, I decided to study for a while.
Before clocking off and going to sleep, I decided that I would tomorrow go to The Academy of Arts in Green Park in London to see some art gallery paintings.
I looked at my mobile phone, my pals at college had rung up to hear how I was getting along.
I pondered whether it was a good idea to go to some parties, around the place, or some other form of entertainment.
Andrew, my college pal in London university, had rung up to hear how I was getting along and whether he could borrow some of my college notes.
I rested and dropped off into deep slumber until the next morning.

The Next Morning:

It was now weekend, and I had some time to relax. I thought that I would watch some TV.
My parents would come and visit me from Peterborough, an idyllic, beautiful, & scenic town surrounded by meadowland, in Cambridgeshire, England, to see how I was getting along.
That is what I thought until I suddenly received a phone call from them saying that they would be happier if I were catch the train at King's Cross, London and come back home on the train to Peterborough for the weekend.
This was the regular routine that I used to practise whilst studying at college: -
I would catch the train back in the weekends every week to visit my family and spend time with them during the weekend.
I would frequently meet my brother who was also a student at Cambridge, who would also come to visit our parents for the weekend.
I would chat to my whole family and tell them how I had been faring throughout the week.
It was difficult to make friends in college, and I found it enjoyable nevertheless to spend time playing sports, and going to movies with colleagues.
I rested for a while in my flat. My girlfriend said that she would be coming to visit me sometime in the afternoon.
I watched the clock as time passed. I was thinking about how I could spend my time. I was bored of reading Sherlock Holmes novels, they were enjoyable to read all the same.
I paced about the room, restless after last night at the pub.
In a few days time I would meet up with the lads at the pub and discuss our future voyage plans for venturing around Europe.
The doorbell rang, and I opened my door. It was my girlfriend. She was wearing lovely make-up, and was looking very beautiful & cute. She asked me if I would like to dine out today before going to see the art gallery.
'We could go together,' she said politely with a smile.
'Well,' I said teasingly, 'You know me ... I might not miss your company.'
'Oh come on, we could go together, it would be fun, and such a pleasant outing and excursion.' she said.
'You know that would be a great idea, but...I don't feel interested.'
'We could go for a dance, or a night out at the movies.'
'I would love that, however I have promised to ring up Andrew my college mate and meet up with him.'
'Oh that's cool, that's fine with me.'
'You know the lads and I were discussing travelling around Europe, would you like to come?'
'I would love to, where do you intend to go to?'
'Well, France, Italy, Germany and perhaps even Spain.'
'That sounds lovely, however I guess you would pay my fare, my dear.'
'Of course, I would.'
'What do the other lads say?'
' They are interested in an excursion which would be interesting, a good laugh, fun and yet at the same time enjoyable.'
' I reckon it would be real cool, and we could have a great time together.'
'What about your family? Are they coming as well.'
'Well I thought it would be a group teenage venture, sort of like interesting and at the same time enjoyable. I do get along with my parents however...'
'However what..what is it?'
'I have already been with them all over Europe. Heheheh..'
My girlfriend giggled.' That is funny, I guess they wouldn't like the same experience again. I can quite believe that.'
I took out my mobile phone and rang up Andrew.
Andrew said that he would be coming within the next few days to collect my college notes. He had missed a few days lectures as he had been unwell with fever.
My girlfriend and I walked together to Green Park. She said that she would love to see the art gallery with me. We held hands and walked to the place together, hugged each other, and walked amorously together.
We arrived at Green Park, and there was an art exhibition of the Rembrandt, and Renoir, who was a French Impressionist painter.
'We could always go also to the National Gallery in London and see Van Gogh's famous oil on canvas sunflowers painting. Perhaps we could buy some fine art prints there.' I said to her.
'We could although, that would be very posh, upper-class and very expensive for us. We are not that up-market.' she said jokingly.
'Yes, I don't think I could afford that as a student, my budget is very small, I'd be lucky if I could find a holiday job.' I said.
We dined at a restaurant outside in Green Park. I, of course paid the bill, and there we discussed where we would go to.
Later, we entered the Academy of Arts at Green Park in London.
There were some lovely paintings. I liked the Rembrandt collection, not that I was familiar with his paintings.
During the Dutch Golden Age he was a famous Dutch painter of the 17th century.
My girlfriend bought some postcards there of some of the famous paintings.
The entry fee was quite costly, but I footed the bill for both of us. We weren't allowed to take photos inside the gallery.
I knew that, however this didn't perturb my time there.
Looking through the entire art gallery collection took us a few hours.
We saw Rembrandt portrait paintings, Diego Velazquez, a medieval Spanish painter, and even some Van Gogh, who was a Dutch artist had his paintings on display.
We quite enjoyed our time there. Something about Impressionist paintings was mentioned and what it was about. I wasn't that knowledgeable about art, as I felt art was really a topic or interest of only those rich and famous.
We roamed around the visitors shop and saw different prints, and postcards. My girlfriend bought some prints. She bought some portrait prints of Velazquez of noble gentry, Claude Monet's waterlillies, and Van Gogh's landscape paintings.
It was time to get back to our flat in London, it had been an eventful evening. I bid my girlfriend goodbye with a hug. I really did miss her very much.
I walked alone back by myself to the underground, and took the tube back to South Kensington.
'What a trip,' I thought, ' It had been enjoyable with some company.'
Time was spent in rest and relaxation in my flat. I also had my grand piano inside my flat in London.
It was a small grand piano but it entertained me, and I enjoyed spending my late evenings playing the grand piano in free time and repose.
I would go tomorrow on Sunday to the Lion pub and meet my mates.
We would discuss where we would travel to in Europe.
There I would enjoy my friends, have a good laugh and have fun. The pub was the place for social recreation.
I looked forward to meeting them tomorrow.
'Where could I travel to?' I asked myself,' I know perhaps France and mountaineering in the Alps mountain range there.'

Voyaging and seeing the exquisite art collection in Versailles, and the Louvre in Paris would be a good idea. There was a very good museum in Paris and was lovely gardens in Versailles.
'I don't know,' I thought to myself, ' how I'll spend my time myself. Perhaps this is the start of a series of some great adventures?'
I thought about it. I would need to converse and further confide with my mates. The art gallery at Green Park was good, and impressive.
It was interesting and my girlfriend enjoyed it all the same.
She was studying an art course in London, she liked it all the same, and this was the kind of exposure that interested her.
She liked to draw to art paintings, and sketch drawings in her free time. She showed me her art paintings that she had painted in her free time. They seemed pretty good.
I was fairly knowledgeable about art, but most of my knowledge was really quite hazy, sketchy and vague.
My knowledge was self-learnt, which I had read up in books of which most of my knowledge was learnt by myself, and I hadn't the expertise to go to courses, study a degree or practise painting in evening classes.
My elder brother was always encouraging me to study hard, he was most bothered that I make something academically of myself. In the end if things really didn't work out, I acted with indifference as though I didn't care, that was my philosophy.
There I was in my flat all by myself, and at times I did feel lonely, at times. There was the piano to entertain me. It was a form escapism from the arduous, hard way of life in the city.
I wished I had been one of those concert pianists in a large auditorium, that I what I had hoped and aspired for.
All those amazing pianos with big names - what was it... Steinways D-274, Austrian Imperial Bosendorfers, the Yamaha CFIIIS 9 ft concert grand piano.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the skill or the expertise for this way of work, I would have to be content with college life.
I wanted to buy one, but my parents told me that I would have save up for several years. They were quite expensive and really very exclusive items.
I had tried the Japanese Shigeru-Kawai EX 9ft concert grand piano in a showroom and it sounded real good. The full, rich notes sounded truly fabulous, whilst I played some pop music on it.
I played the Beatles, 'Let it be' on the piano.
My elder brother used to love this song, and would listen to it on his stereo system when he was a kid.
He liked 'U2', ' Michael Jackson' and 'Elton John'. They were really famous artists in the 80's and early 90's.
I liked playing classical music 'Eine Kleine Nachtsmusik' by Mozart on the piano, and also 'Die Fledermaus' by Johann Strauss.
My second cousin from India, would come over to our place and play tennis with us.
He was a real, great guy, and a real social freak. He would go for parties, pop concerts here and there almost every week.
We had a small snooker table in our place, and we would invite friends over to play snooker with us.
It was a good way of spending time, and a good recreation. I had a huge genuine snooker cue, that I used to play on the real full size slate snooker tables. I was not really familiar with full size snooker tables, but I was generally accustomed to them, as I had had some experience a couple of times playing on them.
There I was pensive and thinking out different perspectives on how to rule my life. I could see into the horizon outside my flat window, and I thought to myself, that I saw myself achieving great things, going places, and becoming someone
I shook my head in disappointment as I felt this would never be the case. Big aspirations were a great idea, yet they never materialised in practice.
I seemed the humble, meek kid from round the block that did have a vision, however it was really just something like a probable an unrealistic delusion.
Whilst it was still Saturday evening, I received a call, from Vinod, on my mobile phone.
He asked me if I am coming to lectures next week, on Monday. He asked me if I found the medical studies very easy.
I told him that I found it was just a breeze.
He laughed through the phone.
"Did you find it that easy?" he asked humoured.
"Yeah, child's play...and you? Wicked man, it was a real breeze." I said.
"How did you find the teaching, easy to follow?"
"Yeah, it was wicked...let's meet up in the pub today. Call all our mates and we'll have a groovy party later."
"Meeting up at the pub was well cool. We must meet up regularly. It will be a wicked social event, the lads will love it."
"Well, we'll meet up sometime. Are your mates friendly? I don't know, maybe ...well I don't know. What do you make of it?"
"It'll be a good social event. I must say, your girlfriend is a sexy, cute chick, and she's also a good dancer. Do you like her? "
"Yep, I have been with her a couple of years. I think she is very lovely, pretty, sexy, and beautiful."
"What do you parents say about her?"
"My parents rarely comment about girls and their attractiveness. I don't know what they say. I think they like her."
"Which kind of girls do you like?"
"I like Indian girls that are pretty, sociable and friendly. Those that are good dancers, have a good sense of humour, and personality."
"That seems quite comprehensive."
"I like girls that have feelings for me, make me happy and are friendly, at the same time interact properly with me... that kind of thing,"
"You have too high an aspiration. There are no girls like that in this world my friend...Hehehheh..." Vinod said laughing.
"Well I did hope so," I said back through my mobile phone.
"Say, shall we meet up and go to the Lion pub."
"That would be a nice idea. Yes, I'd like that."
I put on my winter coat and cashmere scarf. I told him that I would meet him at 'The Strand' in London.
I walked out of my flat and mounted onto my cycle and cycled to the 'The Strand.' It was quite a way, and because I was feeling really energetic, I was able to cycle quickly to 'The Strand.' There I locked and padlocked my bike in a bike well, and there lo and behold was Vinod standing nearby.
He said to me, "I've called the lads and they will meet us at the 'The Strand' Lion Pub."
"I hope we don't get stranded here in 'The Strand' pub."
"Good joke.. I appreciate your humour." he giggled back.
" You know the last time that we went to the pub, when I was drunk, I couldn't even find my way back home."
"You're joking, you're serious. You did in the end, because here you are now. See my wit." he said jokingly.
"Cool man... cool...You know you are turning out like Sherlock Holmes with your logic of deduction."
He laughed together, the lads had turned up and walked our way into the Lion Pub.
I shook hands with Richard, Phil, George and John. They asked me how I was, and I said that I was OK. I told them that my girlfriend had decided not to come, as she was busy. We sat around the table and discussed with a pint of beer in our hand.
I wanted to try out my foreign linguistics whilst over there in Europe and visit famous monuments.
George said he wanted to Bavaria, where the world-famous glassmaking.
John said he wanted to climb the Pyrenees mountains, that were near the Andorra Pyrenees mountain range between France and Spain.
We got out a pack of cards and played some Black Jack.
John took a pack of cigarettes and started smoking.
As a guy, I had been taught me how to play Black Jack when I was a kid, by some family friend or acquaintance.
We didn't play with money yet it was all challenging and risky all the same.
Vinod challenged me to an arm-wrestle.
I was too shy, I was not the aggressive type. After some persuasion, by the lads, I eventually gave in.
The arm-wrestle started on the pub table. All my colleagues made a money wager on the table who would win.
I started well. I was a left-hander, so I started arm-wrestle with my left hand on the table. Our hands were locked in combat.
I was winning. I had the edge,and I was dragging his hand towards submission and my victory.
Suddenly the arm-wrestle swung to his favour, and he was pulling back.
Later, our arms were entwined and locked about evenly, now.
John was cheering me on, 'Show him what you've got Vijay!'
'Come on... come on...' the other lads were chanting in the background next to me.
We were still fighting it out with our arms placed in the table.
I thought I had the strength, I felt I had always over-rated myself.
All that weight-lifting in the gym over the past couple of years were at stake. I thought to myself, I must have confidence in myself.
I had the ability, yet Vinod was a strong guy.
The arm-wrestle continued. It was a deadlock. Eventually, I pulled through, and was pushing his hand downwards clockwise towards the table.
I thought I had won, and in my mind I was bragging,
"Yes, I had scored, at least I thought so."
It was not to be. I was in for a surprise.
He fought back and eventually won the arm-wrestle.
I told Vinod, " You are such a strong guy what chance do I have against you?"
He was flattered and grinned back, "Another arm-wrestle? What do you reckon?"
I was a bit hesitant, "Well Vinod I don't think I will win. I am reluctant, as I don't think I have chances."
I unfolded my shirt to the elbow-level, and got prepared for the contest.
We nevertheless, tried a right-handed arm-wrestle this time.
It started evens, and as it progressed he had the edge. He had the advantage and he won again.
I remarked back and said to him like a comrade, "Man, you're making me cry..."
"Well don't take it personally though you lost." he said smiling.
John, George and Phil said to me, "Don't worry about it, you'll get over it."
They patted me on the shoulder, like true comrades. They were very calming and reassuring. They left their seats around the table and ordered another pint from the bartender.
They were nice guys, and great college mates, and John the stockbroker was even nicer than that.
I looked at my watch, it was time I get back, it was getting very late. My parents didn't like me late at night or wasting time like this.
They wished that I had been a good, studious boy. Meeting up at the pub was a good recreation, nice way of destressing from college life, and excellent form of entertainment, however it was not the real aim of being a student.
I called it a day, and said goodbye to my colleagues in the pub. It had been a fun and interesting time socialising with them.
I rang up my parents and told them my ideas.
They told me that it wouldn't work out. The classes in medicine got a lot harder as time progressed.
My Dad who was a doctor, said that medicine was all about life, and not always life was an adventure. That was something that I should note.


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