Sample Story No.2: Travels in Europe.

Here is a sample fiction story based on our novel which illustrates travels around the world. This sample short story is ALSO FOR SALE at $1.99 per copy. You may preview it on this website.

It is around 1000 words in length and incomplete. The next page completes the story and is 3500 words in length.

Sample Story No. 2: Travels in Europe


Written By Vijay Simhadri



I woke up early. I had an idea, which I had been discussing with my pals in the pub in London. I would travel Europe and visit all landscapes and beautiful monuments afar. I would travel to France, Germany, the Pyrenees and Spain. The Pyrenees would be a lovely place of interest. Snow capped mountains down South of France near the borders of France with Spain, would be very worthwhile observing.

I would also like to go and see Versailles in France. When I was small, I had visited France, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Palace of Versailles, just from the outside, viewing its splendid gardens. Our family had gone as group with my cousin to France. My cousin told me that he could speak a bit of French.

This however was when he was a small kid. My Mum was impressed when he showed a few words of French. We had a good time in France, all the same. We took pictures of the Palace Of Versailles gardens. They were beautiful and scenic. Though we were not allowed to view inside the Palaces as it was closed for renovations at the time.

I wanted to see the Mona Lisa inside the Louvre Museum, yet however it was on display elsewhere in the country. The lovely chateaux of France were very famous.

It would be nice to see them as well. The French chateaux looking like castles, were idyllic and beautiful in the summer sun.

I found that a lot of the French chateaux in the South of France, were very beautiful, spacious and magnificent. Surrounded by gardens in a nice picturesque outlook, they were definitely impressive.

I had a postcard of Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany, and I looked at it with wonder. This was a place that I must visit!

It was a place amongst the hilly landscapes of Bavaria.

Tall coniferous trees surrounded the castle, which was perched up high, for all those to view. My brother had seen it quite some back. I would also like to view the lovely monument. It was almost like a fairy-tale castle, which had been built in those days by the royalty of Bavaria. My brother had climbed the steps of the castle, and he had said that he was puffing and panting as there were overall more than a hundred steps from the ground level of the castle to the top. Bavaria was quite a beautiful place in Germany, and it was noted for its famous glass-making. They were very good at designing, sculpting and making glass over in Bavaria. It was mainly a countryside locality known for it farming population.


Discussion: My Journey


As I gazed up at the ceiling whilst lying down in my couch, I felt now that it was time to make my move.

Nightfall was present. I looked out of my window and in the ice cool breeze, I could see the night was pitch black, and the crescent moon was present.

I decided that I would go to the pub late that night and once more discuss the whole idea with my pals. I walked to ‘The Lion’, which was the name of the pub, and met up with my pals.

John was playing darts as usual inside the pub along with his friend. John was a friend of mine from my workplace. I used to work as a stockbroker in London town.

I sat down on one of the seats, and looked the bartender in the eye.

“ Half a pint of Kronenbourg 1664,” I exclaimed to the bartender.

This was my favourite beer. I had drank it even in my college days, whilst at university in London.

The bartender grinned with glee, and opened with a conversation.

“ So how are you, these days my dear fellow?” he asked amicably.

“ I am fine, just my usual anti-social self,” I said with disdain.

I took offence, at him smirking at me in the corner.

John asked me to play darts in the pub with him.

I threw my first dart, and it landed on treble twenty. I had scored sixty points. John threw his dart. He scored a bulls eye, which was fifty points. I threw another dart. We carried on for a while. We kept score of the match. It was a good match, he won in the end.

I asked him if he would be interested in accompanying with me, and traveling around Europe. I told him that I would like to go to France, Germany, the Pyrenees and Spain.


“ That sounds very interesting, and a wicked idea! I‘ll ask the lads if they‘d be interested in joining you. ” John said to me, fascinated by the idea.


We discussed at length, my other pals were gathered around the table. George, Vinod, Phil, and Richard were discussing it with me around the pub table. I knew them from work in the city.

They said that they would be interested also in coming on the journey. So we now had a group of four other comrades who would come with me on the journey to Europe.

I told them that we would travel by coach along the roads, and so see all over France, Germany, and Spain. It would be hectic, but in the end traveling and seeing most of Europe, would be enjoyable and fun.

I walked off from the pub, late that night feeling quite content with myself that I had discussed it with my colleagues. I envisaged that the trip would take a couple of weeks travel by coach. The idea seemed appealing to my other colleagues, yet I felt motivated with going around and seeing most of Europe.


"Till then," I thought, "Let the voyage begin!"



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