Poems Preface

From Shakespeare's and Wordsworth's poems to the Indian Hinduism's Vedas and Gita, I was inspired to write over 100 illustrated short poems.A copy of each of our poems can be purchased         from us for a mere price of $5 or £2.99,courtesy of Simhadri Software and our enterprises.

Our claim to fame...

Is that we have written more poems overall  than Robert Burns (National Poet of Scotland), Keats, Lord Alfred Tennyson, Robert Frost,Coleridge, William Blake, Siegfried Sassoon, and also more  poems than

Shakespeare has written.However,

we can't assure you that our poems will be as any good as theirs!

Thanking you,

Vijay Simhadri

(Owner and Founder of

Simhadri Software)


-Simhadri Software is primarily

a software company.

These exploits are further enterprises

of the company.

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We have written over...

110 Illustrated Poems

(Priced at $5 per copy)

and 60 Free Poems

which you may copy and

use for free.