Poem 7- Mountains of the Himalayas.

By Vijay Simhadri.

I woke up early at Tiger Hill,

The morning was cold,

It gave me a chill,

My father said 'This is Mount Everest,

'So I'm told'.

I took his advice like a guest,

As he pointed it out,

I felt glad that I'd come out,

To see the wonderful sight,

The snow-capped mountains tipped soft white.


The Himalayan mountains stood clouded in the distance,

But according to the guide on a clear morning sky,

One could see all the mountains in their brilliance,

I imagined what it would be if I could fly,

To travel above the mountains so high.


The guide told us most people are careful,

With mountain climbs - some people do die,

As they struggle ambitiously in vain to try,

To ascend the mountain ranges so skillful.


I took a photo of all the mountains from Tiger Hill.

Envisaging to admire the beauty of the range,

I thought it amazing yet today till,

I pride myself though feel quite strange,

To show others many years having passed, I have the photo still.

Picture and poem created by Vijay Simhadri.

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This poem is based on a true real-life experience.

Tiger Hill exists.

It is a place in

Darjeeling, India.