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Poem 6: The Colorful Meadows.

By Vijay Simhadri.

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The meadows dappled with grass and flowers,

With pleasing juniper, jasmine and April showers,

Have flowers blooming in the summer sun,

After the start of warm weather has just begun.


The brooks and streams that encompass the grass,

Are filled with swans which do however pass,

Around the meadowland bright and seen,

To people who do walk along the grass so green.


Butterflies float and circle the land,

So colorful they are to hold in the hand,

To passers-by the place seems tranquil and serene,

The beauty of nature appeals to those quite keen.


A wooden bridge passes over the winding stream,

The meadow appears idyllic through a radiant sunny beam,

The sky is pure blue, some clouds do appear,

To cover the sky which had once looked almost clear.


A colorful rainbow envelops the skies so bright,

It ascends high above the horizon with great height.

Birds flock towards the rainbow to a more pleasant spot,

In search of a place almost equally hot.

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are copyrighted and created by Vijay