Poem 23 : Cliffs at Dusk.

By Vijay Simhadri.


The poem is about a view of some cliffs on an island, as they sparkle in the moonlight, after dusk.

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The poem and illustration are created by Vijay Simhadri.

All material here is copyrighted by Vijay Simhadri.

The Poem:


Above the cliffs at dusk the moonlight shone,

Every ship or boat around had already gone,

A small green land mass protruded from the sea,

The lush, green cliffs beyond were to be

Visible in cloudy and purple skies,

That filled the night so lovely and nice.


The waves of the sea rippled in the dark,

The observers gazed forth without a remark,

As the cliffs at dusk were an amazing view,

For those who claimed the spectacle was indeed new.