No. of Paintings

Here you may download a survey comparison between the overall number of paintings painted by our company ( Artist: Vijay Simhadri) and compared to over 100 of the Modern, Impressionist and Renaissance painters of our era.


The text document consists of a comparison of all the main works of many famous artists, and finally a comparison between the total paintings that artist Vijay Simhadri has painted as digital paintings, which are shown on the net (8000+ paintings of mine displayed on the freewebs/ moonfruit sites on the internet).


(Note: Not necessarily all artists works are covered but the amount which are guaranteed to known existence).


Click on the button below to download the text document written as a Notepad file.


Thanking you,


Courtesy of Simhadri Software.

(Owner and Founder, Vijay Simhadri)

Survey of Paintings

We have made in total 13,000+

paintings by our company.