Musical Compositions

Here is an introduction to our musical compositions. I, Vijay Simhadri, Owner & Founder of Simhadri Software, also enjoy making my own pop & classical music on the piano.

I wish to share with you my musical compositions.

E-mail me if interested in acquiring any of my musical compositions & I will give you a copy of any one of my published musical composition at a discounted price of $0.99 / copy (normally $1.99 / copy). This is 50% off the original normal price. I am giving this as part of an introductory promotional deal. You may also buy our digital

musical recordings of these pieces (also $0.99 / recording).

Thanking you for your time & interest,

Vijay Simhadri. E-mail : [email protected]

(Musical Composer & Owner of Simhadri Software)

At present here are some of the compositions that are published and which are available:

1) 'The Triumph' composed by Vijay Simhadri, priced at $0.99 / copy. Recording: ~ 2 mins.

This piece was composed after the incident of my brother's marriage to a girl in China in

Jan-Feb 2010. Congratulations to them both!

2) 'The Triumph: For Full Orchestra', priced at $0.99 / copy.

This is for a Flute (treble), Piano, Bass Strings, and Violin (treble).

3) 'Serenade (Part I & II): For the Piano' - Price: $0.99 / copy. Recording: ~ 3 mins.

4) 'Serenade (Part I, II &III): For the Orchestra' - Price: $0.99 / copy. Recording: ~ 4 mins.

For Clarinet, Harp, Oboe, Piano, Viola, Choir,Guitar. More compositions will be available for purchase shortly.

5) Beautiful Song: Melody in A minor (for Piano). Part I (recording): ~ 1min. Price (for whole piece): $0.99 / copy.

50 %

discount off

musical pieces

Listen to our Music!

All the music is copyrighted

and owned by Vijay Simhadri, the Composer, Owner & Artist of the music.

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