Digital Paintings

Selling art is a subsidiary venture of our company, Simhadri Software.We, Simhadri Software, have made in total 13,000 Digital Paintings.This is 6 times more paintings than Picasso, the most famous prolific painter has painted altogether . All of our paintings have been created by the artist, Vijay Simhadri. Out of these, 4500 Digital Paintings are for sale. The rest of them are not for sale. 6000+ paintings are displayed here in our computer websites. See 'Art websites' via the 'Directory database' menu, for details.


The largest art gallery

in the world, namely the Hermitage Museum, in St. Petersburg, Russia has 24 km of Art Galleries, and comprises of 17,000 Art Paintings.

We have painted color paintings of over half that number. That could equate to 18km of art galleries, most of which are on display on the internet.

All our paintings are

copyrighted by the artist.